About Me

Originally from Surrey, England, I was raised in Oregon. I studied at Pacific University, earning a B.A. in Music. However, during college, I got the theatre bug, and after performing in college shows and Portland Metro area theaters, I decided to pursue grad work in theatre. My girlfriend (now wife) and I moved to London, England to further our studies. I trained in classical acting at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, and after graduating, we decided to remain in London for a long period. While in Europe, as an actor, I was fortunate to travel and work in a myriad of places, including regional England, Wales, Greece, Iran, and Tunisia. In 2006, we moved to New York City, where we remained until 2010. That year, we decided it was time to start a family, and where else better to do that than in beautiful Oregon. So, we drove cross country with a used Nissan Versa acting as our upgraded pack mule, and landed back into our old stomping grounds, Portland, OR. Since 2013, I have been a high school theatre teacher and director. My wife and I have two children and we all currently have the privilege of looking after and entertaining a sweet little mutt called Queen Mab (Mabs for short).

Photo by Ramiro Gomez

Beyond my musical training, composing and producing music has been a pure passion for a long time. From teaching myself guitar when I was fourteen, to singing impromptu two-part harmony birthday songs with my college pal, to writing and performing an original song for my wife and our wedding, I have always had a knack for crafting a memorable song or composition. I am a multi-instrumentalist (trumpet being my first), and continue to better myself as a mixing and mastering engineer. Fame and fortune is not my aim, but rather, providing the means and know-how in helping folks live, laugh, and love through customized and personal music. I also have experience with theatrical sound design and writing music for film.

My modest studio ain’t going to wow too many people, but I know my equipment very well, and I can produce quality results. We’re’ not looking for Grammys here. Music is inspirational, cathartic, universal, and healthy. I can’t live without it….and I bet you can’t either. Let’s create something special.

Queen Mab